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glazed ceramics, cast sugar, steel, candles and audio 

What will it be like when the place I have called home is suddenly no longer there? Will my home then be divided up into people? Will my home then only exist as a place in my memories? Or do I perhaps have to create a home within myself?
The work "Home Sweet Home" is an installation consisting of ceramics, poured sugar, light and an audio recording (2:02 min.).
The aim is to create the atmosphere of a private, protected and intimate space. Bricks of caramelized sugar carry a forest-green ceramic house. A warm glow emerges from the inside and protective hands try to hold it in place. An audio recording of my voice can be heard, in which I read a letter addressed to my childhood home. The setup is reminiscent of an altar.
The house is framed by other ceramics that depict personal events, feelings and associations. The result is a warm space, reminiscent of a room that is interwoven with personal experiences and feelings. 

The content of my works often appears in the form of symbols and metaphors. Animals that stand for certain characteristics of people or the night as a place of uncertainty and the mystical. They show different facets of my thoughts, experiences, worries, fears and dreams and are often an attempt to materialize and understand my innermost being. Sometimes I only realize after a motif has been created that my subconscious is in the process of processing something that has not yet had the chance to reach the conscious surface.
For me, the candles are not a sign of a divine presence, but rather a symbol of devotion and ritual. They create light in the darkness and create a calm and reverent atmosphere.
I want to play with mythological imagery and my own symbolism to create imaginary places somewhere between my own reality and that of the viewer.

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